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The Big Over Easy, Doomsday book, Inside job

okay, i am trying to get better at updating this! so now i'm doign it after reading three books instead of four, well, it's a start

i finally got around to reading jasper fforde's the big over easy, and the cover on that site is way cooler then mine, but alas, i am not in england and so get a some what less cool cover.the book centers around trying to figure out who murderd hympty dumpty. it was more or less a typical fforde book. it was actually the first one he wrote, even though it's his 5th published book. it was quite well done and ended very well. and you gotta love a man who uses the line "ever felt redundant?" (106) i'd say that this is his third best book, the first being the eyre affair, and the 2nd being something rotten. he's cute adn fun and if you like books you'll like his stuff. plus my dog is named after him so yea

next up is connie willis' Doomsday book which was AMAZING. connie willis is a god, this one wasn't as good as passage, but pretty damn amazing. the basic plot is that it's 2054 and a student, Kivrin, is sent into medieval times. while she is gone a plague hits england during the "present" day. it's spectacularly written as only willis can do. she is the only author i have read who has her text so realized. even irving, who is amazing, doesn't set the scene quite like willis does. i can picture everything willis describes in her book, and she does that without being verbose. she has one amazing scene where colin, a 12 year old boy, is being told by this bitch that the way colin was being treated was nepotism, which he tells to dunworthy, but in his translation he uses necrophilia, it was sort of amazing, heh. so yes. go read willis now. i'll wait here, go, read her, then read the commitment by dan savage, or the other way around, either way, it'll be good for you

next up was inside job which was also by connie willis. it was only 97 pages long so i easily read it in a day. it was adorable and funny. the tone was so different from the other two books of hers i've read, but it was still brilliant and amazing, just goes to show that she can do comedy and drama, yay willis!
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